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Ballistic games

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Launch a cat and see how high and how far you can make him go!
Catapult AnimalCatapult Animal
Launch pets by a catapult!
Catapult MadnessCatapult Madness
Your castle is under siege!
Catch The Star 2Catch The Star 2
Knock all the stars out of the sky
Help the cat eat all the food by launching it from your cannon
Use your launching pad to Pult Cattle into the delicate China!
Unleash a chain-reaction with your cannon!
Chick CannonChick Cannon
Put the chicken into the coop
Chick Cannon 2Chick Cannon 2
Help the chick to get to the box
Chicken shootChicken shoot
Shoot the chicken into the pool
Christmas CannonChristmas Cannon
Aim and hit the target!
Click the bombsClick the bombs
Try to destroy as many bombs as possible before they fall back down..
Coastal CannonCoastal Cannon
Beat the pirates
Conquer AntarcticaConquer Antarctica
Conquer the Antarctic ice territory
Crazy Canyon GolfCrazy Canyon Golf
Try to hit the golf ball as far as you can!
Crazy FrogCrazy Frog
Jump from one leaf to another and try to catch every dragonfly.
Crazy Go Nuts 2Crazy Go Nuts 2
Shoot your squirrel out of a cannon to collect as many nuts as you can.
Crazy go NutsCrazy go Nuts
Shoot the squirrel out of his cannon to help him gather nuts for the winter.
Crazy go nuts 2 MiniCrazy go nuts 2 Mini
Use 8 shots to clear the board.
Critter CannonCritter Cannon
Launch the hapless kitten in the sky!
Excellent break castle game
Crusade 2 Players PackCrusade 2 Players Pack
Physics "Break castle" game
Crusade 3Crusade 3
Clear USA from the invasion of monsters...
Crush the Castle 2Crush the Castle 2
More castles to crush!
Crush the Castle Players PackCrush the Castle Players Pack
Crush castle after castle!
Crush the castleCrush the castle
Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of it's inhabitants with a powerful Trebuchet
Curio CannonCurio Cannon
Aim and fire your voodoo doll
Cut The MonsterCut The Monster
Use lasers to slice monsters!
Dar BallDar Ball
Can you reach the flag? Throw the ball with your mouse!
Das BoomDas Boom
Space race has begun!
Desert SlideDesert Slide
Launch the camel into the desert
Drag and ShootDrag and Shoot
Drag the cannon to a good position and fire .
Just put the ball in the hole!
Dummy Never Fails CommunityDummy Never Fails Community
Extra levels pack of Dummy never fails game
Dummy never failsDummy never fails
Throw crash dummies like a ragdoll to reach the goal, less pain the better!
Eggs RescueEggs Rescue
Let's play to a new Mini-Golf game.
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