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Ballistic games

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Kitty throwKitty throw
Throw kitty as far as you can in 5 attempts.
Konki ChuckKonki Chuck
Launch Konki as far as you can!
Kupidon StrikeKupidon Strike
Use mouse to throw arrows, trying to broke as many hearts as possible.
Le jeu de la pouleLe jeu de la poule
Select angle, power, and drop the egg in the basket.
Learn to Fly 2Learn to Fly 2
Simply learn to fly
Little Bo Peep's Sheep TossLittle Bo Peep's Sheep Toss
Just throw the sheep as far as possible!
Little CannonLittle Cannon
Shoot at least one ball into basket
Toss sausages 'round the globe!
Loose CannonLoose Cannon
Beat 30 levels of pirate mayhem
Magic Muffin FrogMagic Muffin Frog
Jump through 30 levels to get to lick the magic muffin
Lead blue or red particles from Spawn Boxes to Receive Boxes.
Marble FrenzyMarble Frenzy
Knock marbles out of the spinnig wheel.
Eliminate all rats on 50 levels
Mars CannonMars Cannon
Protect the expedition, aiming and shooting with the cannon the unfriendly creatures on planet Mars.
Master of catapultMaster of catapult
Use catapult to destroy buildings and their guards
Master of catapult 2 - Earth of dragonsMaster of catapult 2 - Earth of dragons
Destroy buildings and their guards
Max DamageMax Damage
Bash, bounce, explode, and burn your way through 49 challenging levels.
Max Damage 2Max Damage 2
Cause maximum damage to pass 50 levels
Medieval GolfMedieval Golf
Try to get into ye olde hole by the par on each level. Golf rules, medieval style!
Medieval GunpowderMedieval Gunpowder
Break the castle
Medievil SiegeMedievil Siege
Use catapult to destroy hostile castles
Meteor LaunchMeteor Launch
Launch a meteor up in the sky
Milo PhysicsMilo Physics
Use the ball to collect all the stars.
Missing ducklingMissing duckling
Save the duck
Monkey BallMonkey Ball
How far can you kick the ball?
Monkey CannonballMonkey Cannonball
Shot to the coconut bucket to get scores and time bonuses
Monkey SwipeMonkey Swipe
Just get the gold star.
Sling the monkey from branch to branch through the jungle.
Monkie 2Monkie 2
Jump from branch to branch, and get as far as you can!
Moops Combos of JoyMoops Combos of Joy
Shoot combos of happiness
More bloonsMore bloons
More baloons to pop ! Pop your way through a bunch of fun and tricky levels made by you, the players
Mountain ManiacMountain Maniac
The Mountain Man has gone crazy!
Do you have both shooting and mind skills?
Mushroom Cannon 3Mushroom Cannon 3
Pot the mushrooms
Nuclear RagdollNuclear Ragdoll
Ready the cannon and launch those ragdoll men
O DrownO Drown
Shoot the taunting pirates with your sea-faring cannon.
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